121st Aviation Company
(Air Mobile Light) 1964 Pictures
Taken by Milton Lowden at and out of Soc Trang Air Field U S Army

Earl Williams
Lee Kimberling
Milton Lowden

Patrick Kelly
Stephanie Fisher
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In the next few days I will be adding about 200 pictures I took in and around Soc Trang and the Airfield. I also have many from flying in the air I took too Feb 14th, 2006

CH-37 Big Daddy the work chopper

CH-21's dropping of troops  Guarded by UH-1B's

CH-21's Soc Trang Runway Australian fixed wing plane

Me in my barracks 2nd barracks from EM Club on right

Pulling back to the base to reload

River across from the Blue Note Bar in Soc Trang

DHC-4 Caribou coming in and CH-21's on the side Canto

The Road to Soc Trang from the Base

The Barracks Chinooks were dreams in pictures on walls

An Area we just pulled out of

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