121st Aviation Company
(Air Mobile Light) 1964 Pictures
Taken by Milton Lowden at and out of Soc Trang Air Field U S Army

Earl Williams
Lee Kimberling
Milton Lowden

Patrick Kelly
Stephanie Fisher
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Mike Fjermestad and Walter Trocki

Curtis-Wright R1820-103 Cyclone supercharged 1150 hp

T-33 landing with a hung bomb on a wings

Walter Trocki and Mervin C. Thompson

Air force buildings on left and Army EM Club on right

Same Bunker as left after motor attack April 10th 64

CH-21's dropping of Vietnamese troops in the Paddy's

The taxi cyclo across from the Blue Note Bar

Mekong River on a fixed wing ride to Saigon

Mekong River in Soc Trang river house frontage....

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