121st Aviation Company
(Air Mobile Light) 1964 Pictures
Taken by Milton Lowden at and out of Soc Trang Air Field U S Army

Earl Williams
Lee Kimberling
Milton Lowden

Patrick Kelly
Stephanie Fisher
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The boy with the broken arm just got his cast taken off. It was sure different to see how they fixed an arm to heal. I remember I bought a bicycle for 1500 piastra, which was near $15.00 They weren't made of the metal we are used to here in USA. The rims and handle bars seemed like they were made out of aluminum.

Vegetable and restaurant market Soc Trang

Vegetable stand Soc Trang market area

Cyclo my ride - Parked at the market Soc trang

Market restaurant Soc Trang

Nice Hand woven cloth Soc Trang market

Hand made baskets Soc Trang market

Guarding slicks dropping off Vietnamese Arvin's

Soc Trang - Kid in the middle had broken arm healing

Me and a model airplane we were all building in barracks

Picture off a fixed wing hop flight to Saigon


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