121st Aviation Company
(Air Mobile Light) 1964 Pictures
Taken by Milton Lowden at and out of Soc Trang Air Field U S Army

Earl Williams
Lee Kimberling
Milton Lowden

Patrick Kelly
Stephanie Fisher
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Those monsoons would come like clock work, about 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon At times it seemed like you could almost set your watch by them. It would rain sideways. A few times we ran out with a bar of soap and took showers in it. The rain would be coming in so fast to rinse off it would sting.

Bar on the way to Soc Trang on right or road

Big accident- aluminum rims bent easy Good thing bent rims are easily replaced like airline tickets.

Bridge over Mekong River off limit side of Soc Trang

Mekong River - Vietnamese Navy boats wood

Kid on right urinating in the river the live on

Saigon from a Hotel on Tudo Street

Monsoon season Army Base Soc Trang

Saigon Out of Hotel window

Monsoon season Army Base Soc Trang

Monsoon season Army Base Soc Trang


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