121st Aviation Company
(Air Mobile Light) 1964 Pictures
Taken by Milton Lowden at and out of Soc Trang Air Field U S Army

Earl Williams
Lee Kimberling
Milton Lowden

Patrick Kelly
Stephanie Fisher
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Me after night flying - very tired

Tracer rounds across front of chopper-rockets outgoing

Newer barracks up by operation

CH-21's and hanger during a monsoon rain

"These ship's took more than just military books to learn how to fly - years and years of military training. military books
First of the Huey gun ship's coming in the hanger

Street in Saigon - night time

Motor Pool Soc Trang monsoon season rain

Soc Trang Airfield 1964 I think T-33 Aircraft

Saigon Hotel

T-33's peeling off for a bomb run Soc Trang


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